Digital Marketing


Digital marketing can be a complicated marketing tool for most companies and organizations to understand as it has several moving parts that are subject to change at any time. What was used a month ago to reach your audience online might not be the best method anymore. And it can be hard to keep track of these changes when you have a business to run!

That’s where Engage Media comes in.

With our consulting services, we work with you in a cooperative fashion to provide your company or organization with all the expert SEO, website, social media, digital content, and ad buy knowledge that you need to create and maintain a successful digital marketing strategy.

It is our intent to allow for knowledge to transfer between our team and yours.  So that you can set your company or organization up for digital marketing success now and in the future.

We provide retainer-style marketing consulting services to ensure that your company or organization reaches its internet marketing goals while implementing digital marketing best practices. These consulting agreements vary based on specific needs and are billed by the hour. Retainer-based consulting agreements start at a minimum of 6 hours per month, during which there is access to a professionally trained expert consultant.

Additionally, we can personally review your digital marketing plan and website for any potential problems and offer verbal and written recommendations for improvements.


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