Why Content Doesn’t Matter Without SEO

Today, everyone is focused on content marketing. The better content you produce, the better your website or social media account will be. Meaning more visitors, more followers, and more conversions. And this is what every business and organization wants, right? Wrong. Yes, all businesses and organizations want to grow with more website traffic, more social
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The Political Shift to Digital First Ad Spending

Everyone knows that the 2016 Presidential election made history in more ways than one. Most people focus on the victory of a business man, or the fact that this was the first election in history with a female party nominee. But one important element to mention is the dramatic shift in the channels of political
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Google Now Requires HTTPS for Sites Collecting Data

Google recently announced that by the end of January, HTTP sites that collect sensitive data will be marked as non-secure sites in Google Chrome. This means that Chrome will issue a security warning to users on sites that contain login or other information fields. Keep reading to learn more about how this could affect your
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Google is Not a Search Engine

The term “search engine” is often used to describe sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even DuckDuckGo. Take a look at the official definition provided by Google itself on the term Search Engine. “A program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user,
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