Your digital marketing efforts are one of the most important things in the success of your business or organization. Pay-per-click, search, social media, website, landing pages, email marketing, lead nurturing and management, geo-fencing and other techniques must be optimized and working together. They also must be integrated with the rest of your traditional marketing strategy. If you do not understand why you are using these marketing tactics and have a system to measure and monitor results then you are wasting money and other valuable resources.

At Engage Media we serve as your trusted partner for everything digital marketing. We believe that every business and organization must have a strategy and a plan. Do you know your why and how? It is our job to help you discover those things so that you can see the results you want.

Engage Media provides strategy, planning, accountability and education to businesses and organizations so that they can use their marketing budgets to maximum ROI.

Success in Digital Marketing comes from strategic plan that focuses on achieving goals and key KPI’s and on the tactics used to get there. Tactics change, but a strategic plan will always guide those tactical decisions.

Strategy – The biggest mistake we see companies make is not having a strategy. Every company and organization needs a strategy for their digital marketing to be successful. By creating a strategy built specifically for your company, you receive the direction that guides you to achieving the desired KPI’s. This collaboration between your company and our professionals ensures relevant and up to date strategy to fit your unique needs.

Planning – You achieve what you plan for. You must have a plan that lays out the steps to execute the strategic plan that has been created. Our task is to create that plan and provide consultation on implementation of the plan. In addition to implementation planning, we put in place tracking to monitor our strategic and tactical success.

Accountability – We navigating the waters of the digital marketing world, sometimes it is hard to know who is looking out for the interests of your company. We are your watchdog. Holding vendors responsible to their agreements naturally produces better ROI and thereby maximizing marketing budgets. As an impartial third party, we provide clients security by monitoring vendors and providing honest evaluations of the results.

Education – Knowledge is power. Trends and updates happen quickly and often. We strive to keep up to the minute on all the changes that would affect our clients. We believe in educating and training our clients so that they understand the rapidly changing digital marketing environment. As businesses and organizations become properly educated the ROI increases and KPI are achieved.

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Our mission is to be the trusted source for Digital Marketing strategic planning and knowledge for our clients.

Buying tactics without a strategy is a recipe for failure. Allow Engage Media to put your digital marketing efforts on the path towards success.