Search Engine Optimization


As a general rule, the higher up and more frequently a site appears in web search results, the more visits it will receive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving visibility in search engine lists via unpaid (organic) search results. Websites that attain a high organic rating are more trusted by searchers than those which buy their way to the top.


It’s no secret that today’s business world is being transformed by the technological revolution. People hold the power — in one hand — to search the web, talk to friends or watch streaming movies as they go about their daily lives. In order to stay relevant, business owners must utilize new avenues to market themselves to customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major marketing tool for business. Not only does SEO increase visibility on the web, delivering the message to thousands of potential customers each day, but it is less expensive compared to traditional marketing, such as print, direct mail, paid online advertising, PPC, banner ads, CPC, and telemarketing.

Having organic search results that rank high and feature important consumer information on a search engine query can bolster trust in the brand and offer unparalleled advertising value.

Google and other search engines are regularly changing their ranking factors making it difficult for any one person to keep track of SEO best practices. However, at Engage Media, we specialize in search engine optimization with SEO specialists on hand that are ready to provide you with an SEO evaluation, consultation, and implementation plan to ensure that your website abides by the highest standards.


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