It's Time to Rethink Your Mobile Website Strategy

Google continues to push the focus on mobile websites by enhancing the user experience when on a mobile device. In an update scheduled to roll out in January 2017, Google will negatively rank websites that use intrusive interstitials to block the user from receiving the content they want to receive.

What are Interstitials?

Images are a great way to create engagement with your followers. However, if done improperly they can negatively affect the reputation of your business.

Many advertisers like to get their message out with the biggest and loudest method possible. This includes takeover ads and layered ads that are placed over the content on a web page. These popup advertisements are also known as interstitials. An interstitial is anything that breaks up the normal flow of content on a website resulting in a negative user experience.

With this update, mobile webpages that use this technique to block content from the user will be negatively ranked compared to competitors.

However, not all interstitials will be negatively affected. Google shared that 3 types of popups will not be penalized if used properly.

  • Popups that involve legal obligation, including approval for cookie usage, age verification, etc.
  • Login popups that are required for password-protected sites.
  • Reasonably sized banners that do not consume the entire screen

What Does This Mean?

It is time for advertisers and publishers to seek new ways to advertise on mobile. No more ad splash screens, takeovers, and hidden x’s. Native advertising is the best option as it is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows with the natural form and function of the web as to not intrude with the user’s experience. Otherwise, if the mobile website strategy does not adjust it will fail in mobile search under these new standards.

Today, more web searches are done on mobile devices than on desktops. And if your mobile site uses popups that block the main content, you will miss the opportunity to appear well in mobile search results.

It is time to focus on your mobile website now more than ever! For more information about how to adjust your mobile site to stay in good graces with Google, give us a call!


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