Be Careful When You Cancel Yext

Google relies on consistent information across the web to ensure that the results provided to users are accurate. Without this consistency, Google will not consider a company’s website credible. Sadly, inconsistent local listings is one of the most common problems companies face when trying to improve their SEO strategy.

To fix the problem, it is best to use a service that gives you the account information. This allows you to “own” your company’s listings, instead of leaving someone else in control of them. This will not only help now, but also in the future to know that your listings are always in the company’s hands.

If you use a company that does not provide this service have no fear (but tread carefully)!

Many companies turn to Yext to provide an automated service that promises to fix all appropriate listings. Once completed, most people cancel the subscription thinking the problem is fixed indefinitely.

However, this is far from true. Yext changes are not permanent. Once you leave Yext, it is common to notice that some listings revert back to the incorrect information you started with.

With this is mind, it is important to check all information for accuracy after you cancel the service. If you notice mistakes, fix the data quickly and check all listings every 6 months to ensure everything remains properly reported.

Fixing inaccurate NAP listings is not an easy task. Give us a call to talk with an SEO expert that can help guide you through the local listing process the right way the first time.

If you have yet to check your company’s listings, run a free online scan here! In just seconds, you can review a report that reveals the areas and citations that need fixed.


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