3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Posting on Facebook

There are over 50 million business pages on Facebook today. Of these, it is easy to find an example of one that is engaging and posts frequently. One that hasn’t shared a post in nearly 2 years. And one that contains little mistakes that drives followers away.

Although all companies would.

Don’t lose followers because of silly mistakes you can easily fix. Before you the next Facebook post, remember to avoid these 3 common mistakes.

Poorly Cropped Images

Images are a great way to create engagement with your followers. However, if done improperly they can negatively affect the reputation of your business.

Each feature that contains an image within Facebook needs a different size image. It is pretty clear that a cover photo and profile picture contain different dimensions. But when it comes to posting on Facebook, images included in.

URLS Included in Post

Adding a link may seem like an easy task. But sharing a post with a URL included is one of the most common mistakes made on Facebook. Once you copy and paste the URL in the post, the article snippet will attach below. Once this appears, then you need to go back and delete the URL. The article snippet will remain attached to the post after the link is then removed.

This is an easy task but so commonly misused.

Missing Call to Actions

There should be a primary goal behind your Facebook Business page. Do you want to raise awareness, obtain more sales, or drive people to your website? Once you set the goal, it is time to craft a plan and specific call to actions that will lead to success.

Although you don’t want every post to be sales driven, it is critical to include calls to action.


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